Ana Turbino

HELLO! I’m Ana and I like to solve problems.

Designing with Purpose, Shaping Experiences – Welcome to the intersection of creativity and user-centric design. As a UI/UX designer, my journey is fueled by a quest to understand and enhance how users interact with the digital world. My designs don't just look good; they feel right. Each project is a story of challenges turned into seamless experiences, with a focus on engaging visuals, intuitive navigation, and responsive interfaces. Step into a world where every pixel plays a pivotal role, and discover how my designs bring digital landscapes to life.

My Services

UX/UI Design

Experience the fusion of user-centric design and captivating interfaces. With expertise in UX and UI, I bring your digital vision to life. Seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics for immersive user experiences.


Your brand is an undiscovered story. Let me sculpt a unique identity from scratch or rejuvenate your current presence. I create visuals that narrate your tale, leaving an unforgettable mark on your audience.

Web/App Design

In the expansive realm of digital possibilities, I specialize in turning concepts into captivating online realities. With a focus on user-centric design, I bring your vision to life, crafting seamless websites and apps that make a lasting impact.

My Projects

Foreign is a fully online clothing hub that brings you the option to shop for handcrafted garments from all over the world. Partnering with international designers and brands, Foreign aims to unite cultures through fashion and facilitate cultural shopping from the comfort of your own home.

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AlwaysFive is a location-based happy hour finder that allows users to pre-book 'build your own packages' to secure the best deals available. With a clean and user-friendly interface, AlwaysFive aims to make it easier for users to find the best and nearest happy hour.

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Claimed is a resource for content creators to find publications using their content without giving proper credit. It utilizes Google Lens for reverse image searches, easily allowing users to identify and add these unclaimed publications to their portfolios. Claimed unites creators, giving them a platform to maximize their portfolio and network with peers in their field.

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Noted is a note-taking and keeping app that allows users to see notes as 'sticky notes' while keeping a very clean and minimal interface. It features the option of saving notes in folders, creating group notes, as well as customizing the layout of your notes.

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