Ana Turbino


UX/UI DESIGN - IOS - BRANDING - user stories - usability test
Project Overview

Noted is a note-taking and keeping app designed to provide users with a simple and intuitive way to organize and access their notes using a sticky note metaphor. The app aims to create a clutter-free and visually appealing environment for users to capture and manage their thoughts effectively


The existing note-taking apps on the market often feel overwhelming and lack a visually engaging interface. Users struggle to organize their notes and find relevant information quickly. Our challenge is to design an app that seamlessly integrates the concept of digital sticky notes while maintaining a clean and minimalistic UI.

User Stories

In an effort to solidify Noted’s goals and determine the interface’s success points, user stories were created. As a Student, I want to easily organize my class notes into folders and group notes, so I can quickly find relevant information for my exams and projects. As a Creative Professional, I want a visual and clutter-free way to jot down ideas and sketches using sticky notes, with the ability to customize layouts and share with my team, crucial for our collaborative projects. As a Busy Parent, I need a simple and intuitive note-taking app that allows me to capture important reminders and grocery lists on-the-go, with a search function to help me find notes from past events and tasks.


Our branding essence revolves around the purity of minimalism and the grace of intuitive design. Noted stands as a beacon of simplicity, welcoming users from all walks of life into a world where functionality meets elegance. The logo, with its clean lines and subtle sophistication, captures the app's core ethos: uncluttered and minimalistic. Our carefully curated color palette and font pairing create an environment where simplicity is paramount, offering an immersive experience that seamlessly blends aspiration with user-friendliness. Beyond aesthetics, our branding embodies the spirit of Noted—an experience that both guides and uplifts.


User testing for the Noted app provided valuable insights. Participants easily registered, created notes, and organized content into folders. The minimalist design was praised for enhancing focus and usability. The intuitive interface and organizational features were well-received, confirming the success of user-centered design and iterative development. Additionally, user confusion related to two icons prompted us to make changes, ensuring an optimal user experience.


The design of "Noted" successfully merges the tactile appeal of sticky notes with a clean UI and additional functionalities. By incorporating features like search, note expansion, group sharing, and advanced organization options, the app delivers a comprehensive note-taking experience. The design process, informed by user research, wireframing, and visual refinement, resulted in an intuitive and user-centric app that encourages organization, collaboration, and efficient note management.

Final Screens
Noted app screenNoted app screenNoted app screenNoted app screenNoted app screenNoted Background image