Ana Turbino


Project Overview

Foreign is a fully online clothing hub that brings you the option to shop for handcrafted garments from all over the world. Partnering with international designers and brands, Foreign aims to unite cultures through fashion and facilitate cultural shopping from the comfort of your own home. Offering the best quality, the most authentic, and overall the best personalized experience in the market, Foreign is designed for women who wish to purchase ethnic clothing with ease and comfort.


Recently, I received an invitation to a traditional Indian wedding, and my excitement knew no bounds. However, there was a catch: I needed to find five different traditional Hindi outfits. My research revealed that the closest store was two hours away, and there was no guarantee of finding the right sizes. Furthermore, the cost of renting these garments, including taxes and cleaning fees, was nearly as high as purchasing them. I ultimately decided that buying the outfits directly from an Indian designer would be more cost-effective, though it presented a greater challenge in terms of availability.

User Stories

In an effort to solidify the goals of Foreign and define the key success metrics for its interface, we developed a series of user stories:

  • As a user, I want to easily navigate through various cultures and filter the results according to my interests.
  • As a customer, I wish to learn about the designers and view other items they have crafted.
  • As a user, I seek recommendations based on my past activities, enabling me to effortlessly discover products that would typically require extensive research.
  • As a shopper, I desire the ability to save items to a wishlist for future consideration."
User Flow

With the user stories defined, a User Flow was created to guide the user experience of the app and establish the steps users will take.


Our branding strategy transcends cultures, embodying a universal language of elegance. The goal was to position Foreign as a brand synonymous with exclusive yet accessible luxury. The logo reflects this ethos, exuding elegance and refinement, with unique foreign elements, such as the accent mark. Our sleek color palette and curated imagery create a stage for users to embark on an immersive journey, fueled by aspiration and accessibility. Beyond aesthetics, our strategy transforms inspiration into tangible purchases, capturing the essence of Foreign – a world of refined living awaits.


“Fashion” and “international” are concepts that have been intertwined for centuries. Playing with fabrics, patterns, lengths, styles, and prints is, quite literally, the essence of Fashion Week.

International clothing has the power to elevate any outfit, as it often differs significantly from the styles we commonly see. However, there are very few options available for shoppers.

Whether you're dressing for an event, longing for a taste of your home country, or simply appreciate the beauty in diversity, Foreign offers the perfect solution."

Final Screens
Foreign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenForeign app screenMap Background image